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Ricky Bobby Takes On Ferrari Because Shake And Bake Will Never Die


So it ‘s only fitting that he would be the one that Matt Damon would turn to in order to finally put Ferrari in its place and demonstrate to the world that the Ford Motor Company isn ‘t just about making things that are Ford Tough.

They are also about shaking, baking, and pissing excellence.

Now, Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) is a NASCAR superstar who loves Applebees. But he ‘s also been an underdog and was down on his luck not too long ago. So Ricky Bobby KNOWS how to bounce back. After restoing his honor on the racetrack, no one ‘ ‘I MEAN NO ONE ON EARTH ‘ is more ready to battle corporate bigwigs, the very laws of physics themselves, and his own personal demonbabies to drive a raging, juiced up vehicle for the Ford Motor Co to make rich Italian dickbutts look like big dumb Italian idiots.

As Reese Bobby so sagely said, “You ‘ve gotta learn to drive with the fear. There ain ‘t nothin ‘ more frightenin ‘ than drivin ‘ with a live cougar in the car. If you ‘re calm, that wondrous big cat will be calm too. But if you ‘re scared, that beautiful death machine will do what God made it to do, namely, eat you with a smile on its face. ‘

So if you ‘re afraid of live cougars, you ‘re no match for Ricky Bobby. And remember, yes, the fieldmouse is fast, but the owl sees at night.


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