By: Sloane Hughes

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People Tried To Draw Bikes From Memory And They ‘re All So Good (Bad)

The more time you spend around specific people or animals or objects, the more familiar they become, and the more easily you ‘re able to recognize them. That ‘s why nobody gets excited over pigeons and we can all identify their rotund, tiny-headed silhouettes from a mile away. So if being able to recognize certain things that are a part of your everyday life becomes so second nature that you don ‘t even have to think about it (you don ‘t wake up and look at your couch every morning and go, “oh hey, that ‘s a couch ‘) then you ‘d think that being able to recreate them would be a piece of cake. But you ‘d be wrong.

Comedian Emily Heller asked listeners of her podcast to draw a picture of a bicycle without looking at one for reference, which sounds easy enough. Everyone knows what a bicycle looks like… kind of.

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