By: Ben Rosen

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Dumbest Music Videos: ‘November Rain ‘ by Guns N ‘ Roses

Axl Rose had thrown the perfect wedding, until it started raining and a guy jumped through a cake for no reason. It ‘s time to revisit Guns n Roses ‘ “November Rain ‘, one of history ‘s DUMBEST MUSIC VIDEOS.

Welcome to Axl Rose ‘s totally normal wedding. It ‘s got a flower girl, a priest, and Jesus Christ crying blood. His bride comes out in a dress that is accidentally missing the front. Axl is dressed in Seinfeld ‘s puffy shirt and a pirate ‘s jacket. He looks really overdressed standing next to his bride, but don ‘t worry, he makes up for it by not cutting his hair or shaving his gross little mustache.

When it ‘s time to exchange rings, we see that Slash lost them. The priest is like, classic Slash. ‘

Then Slash ‘s friend calls him over, like, “Don ‘t worry buddy, I ‘ve been keeping the wedding ring on my pinky like an insane person. ‘ Slash, who continues to smoke indoors, in church, at a wedding, drops the ring off at the altar. The priest is so happy. He loves love and he loves Slash. Then we get a cool closeup of Axl Rose ‘s ornate pinky ring hidden beneath his ruffled sleeves. Rock and roll is alive and well.


Writer: ‘Ben Rosen
Editor/GFX: ‘Bryan Wieder
GFX: ‘Andrew Jewell

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