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These Amazon Prime Day TV, Movie, and Amazon Echo Deals Are Suhhh Good

Amazon Prime Day is upon us, which means there are over one million things you can buy at various (from “barely any ‘ to “ridiculous ‘) discounts. But this year Prime Day is actually TWO DAYS, which means we have now broken time itself.


If one day = two days, that means we can finally catch up on all the amazing stuff that human beings have made in the history of e-commerce so thank god.

Because before, some people might ‘ve had to guzzle Four Loko and lap up Fruit By The Foot to grind through so much pop culture. Meanwhile others (like me) got so overwhelmed by it all we just gave up following any of it. (If that ‘s you by the way check out the Funny Or Die series Under A Rock with Tig Notaro. It stars Tig Notaro. She is funny. And honestly the best way for you to meet some of the biggest celebrities for the first time.)

Watch Tig Notaro try to figure out who the heck this star of It ‘s Always Sunny might be

Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Glenn Howerton


So now that one day is two days? WE CAN GET ALLLLL THE THINGS

But if you ‘re reading this right now you probably care about three things: comedy, humor, laughter, and locking in some savings. (I lied, you care about four things.)

So now ‘ finally ‘ check out some of the best things on Amazon Prime Day for comedy enthusiasts. First up, Amazon gadgets.

At Funny Or Die, we occasionally recommend cool stuff. Our picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. The product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication, and if you buy a thing we link to on our site, we may earn commission.

The Amazon Echo Dot, one of many Echo Devices with discounts. Like such big discounts.
Courtesy Amazon

Best Amazon Echo & Alexa Prime Day Deals

Is Alexa or Amazon Echo even useful? HECK YES. I own one and it ‘s amazing. I use it to find out things like “why is a pigeon actually called a ‘rock dove ‘. ‘ While Tig uses Alexa to help her figure out who the hell her guests are.

Watch Tig Notaro try to guess who the heck this teenage witch might be

Under A Rock with Tig Notaro: Melissa Joan Hart

Also Tig learns that this… person… loves art. You can kick-start your art collection with ‘

Here are the best deals on Echo and Alexa that Amazon is offering:

  • Amazon Echo Dot for $22.00 ‘ ‘$27.99 off its current price of $49.99
  • Amazon Echo for $49.99 ‘ $50.00 off its current price of $99.99

If talking tubes or dots aren ‘t your thing, and you crave the visual stimulation of a tablet combined with the unsettling power of A.I., an Echo Show might be good. The speakers on this thing ARE LEGIT.

Other Amazon contraptions on sale include the Fire TV Stick with Alexa (and 2 free months of HBO) for $14.99 (saving you $54.98), or go nuts with the Fire TV Cube with 4K for $69.99 (down from its price of $119.99). ‘

But what about discs? WHAT IF YOU WANT DISCS??

Here are the best Amazon Prime Day comedy movies (DVDs & Blu-rays)

Below are some of the biggest deals on disc-shaped comedy cinema you could ever want. ‘

Don ‘t miss the best Amazon Prime Day TV comedies, too

And now we present you with some of the biggest deals on TV that has been kneaded and hand-tossed into flat, circular DVD and Blu-ray shapes.

That rounds out the best deals on TV, movies, and famous people ‘s interests from Amazon Prime Day 2019. If you ‘d like your purchases to donate a small amount to charities, you can use AmazonSmile and donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.

Money can ‘t buy happiness, but it can buy a crapload of cool stuff and even help raise some money for good causes, so go crazy, and happy shopping.

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