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It ‘s Will Ferrell ‘s Birthday!

There are a plethora of holidays and nationally observed events that pepper our calendars each year, and that number is only growing as things like National Talk Like A Pirate Day, Pizza Day, and Hug Your Dog Day show up on social media more and more frequently. Some might even say there are too many days of festivity at this point. Not me though. I, for one, believe that talking like a pirate is absolutely worth celebrating. In fact, there are a few annual occasions that we as a country have been severely neglecting for far too long. Days that apparently don ‘t warrant a day off work or even a nationwide nod, and I ‘m sick of it. Days like today, the most important of should-be holidays:


WHY are we not all celebrating with parades?? Or fireworks??? Or the unveiling of a 30-foot tall bronze statue??? Maybe that ‘s a little bit much but COME ON, THERE SHOULD AT LEAST BE FIREWORKS.

On this day in 1967, Will Ferrell, the King of jazz flute, the man who brought Funny Or Die into existence 12 years ago, was born. Although legend has it that he wasn ‘t actually born, rather he emerged from the sea, and was carried to the shores of California by a pair of dolphins, completely naked, glistening like the dolphins upon which he rode, already fully grown. The day this glorious, hauntingly beautiful, dangerously sensual and tender man first stepped foot on the sands of this country marked the start of his comedic legacy, which is the gift that fortunately for all of us, just keeps on giving.

You know him from iconic shows like SNL and blockbusters like Step Brothers and Talladega Nights, but you can enjoy also enjoy Will ‘s velvety voice without a screen, delivered right into your ear holes with the Ron Burgundy Podcast where he talks with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and beyond. Each episode is nicely compiled into one Funny Or Die page right here ‘ so go forth and BINGE.

Now, I ask you to remove your hats as we celebrate Will Ferrell ‘s birthday in the most fitting way possible ‘ by looking back on some of his best work with Funny Or Die.

Happy birthday, Will!

The Landlord

The Landlord

The video that started it all.

Third Date

Third Date with Will Ferrell

Which is when the magic happens.

Three Rules for a Lasting Marriage

Everyone ‘s favorite news anchor (tied for first with Ron Burgundy) gives us all some sage advice.

Will Ferrell Screams At Derek Jeter For Four Straight Minutes

Will Ferrell Screams at Derek Jeter for Four Straight Minutes

An oscar worthy monologue.

Device Free Dinner

Device Free Dinner with Will Ferrell

Please, for the sake of dinner, put your phone down.

Between Two Ferns

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Will Ferrell

The greatest man sits down on the greatest talk show.

The Presidential Reunion

Funny or Die’s Presidential Reunion

A night full of stars and spangles!

Talladega Nights VS Ford V Ferrari Mashup

Bobby vs. Ferrari


The Procedure with Willem Dafoe, Andy Richter, and Will Ferrell
written by Adam McKay

It ‘s no fad, and it ‘s not dangerous. It ‘s ?a wonderful miracle of science and music?

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