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Will Ferrell ‘s Iconic Juggling Is Even Better With Actual Balls

There are a lot of different things and people we all associate with the name Dunder Mifflin Paper Co., from chilli spills, to office pranks, to unforgettable quotes like “SAVE BANDIT! ‘ But it ‘s probably safe to assume that the first thing we all think of when we hear ‘Dunder Mifflin ‘ is the World ‘s Best Boss, Michael Scott. Although he was and forever will be the boss of the Scranton branch, fans of The Office will remember that management went through some big changes in the later seasons. Some, like Charles Miner, were actually pretty okay, but others were… definitely not so great.

And on that list of bosses who walked through the revolving door of post-Michael Scott Dunder Mifflin and were less than great (read: decidedly trash) was Deangelo Vickers.

When Deangelo (Will Ferrell) was introduced, it seemed like he was the perfect fit to replace Michael ‘ since they were basically the exact same person. It didn ‘t take long, though, for everyone in the office to realize that he was actually totally maniacal, like an evil Michael Scott-type from a dark, dark alternate universe. So, obviously Deangelo was not the best boss to ever work at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.


He was definitely the most uniquely talented. Don ‘t agree?

Three words:

Juggling. Invisible. Balls.

It takes practice to juggle, but it takes incredible skill and discipline to learn how to juggle balls that you can ‘t even see. The only downside to watching this flawless, breathtaking performance is, well, you kind of lose some of the magic when there aren ‘t any objects actually being flipped through the air.

Fortunately though, we don ‘t have to simply try to imagine the spectacle of Deangelo Vickers ‘ juggling anymore ‘ because someone actually edited juggling balls into the entire performance.

And, unsurprisingly, it rules.

I was without internet for a while. Decided to use my talents to make Deangelo actually juggle balls. from DunderMifflin
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