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HELLO You Can Buy Matching Hawaiian Shirts For You And Your Dog

For some, the fashion options that arrive with hot weather is the best part of summer, and for others it ‘s the worst part. Not everyone loves this time of year and dressing for it can be a pain. Maybe you ‘re sensitive about your calves so you don ‘t like shorts, maybe sandals hurt your feet, maybe you ‘re like me and 90% of the clothes you own are black which is not ideal for sunshine and high temperatures but you gotta do it because you sweat like a Thanksgiving ham in a sauna and literally any other color showcases that to the world. Too much information? Perhaps.

The clothing you put on your body everyday has a big impact on how you feel physically as well as psychologically, so making sure you feel both cool and like, super cool, dude is important. You gotta feel happy in your clothes, man! And what ‘s guaranteed to make anyone happy? Dogs.

So this summer, why not dress to impress with matching outfits for you and your canine campadre?

Courtesy of Pablo and Co/Etsy

That ‘s right ‘ not just any matching outfits.

Matching dad-style, grill-ready Hawaiian t-shirts.

Courtesy of Pablo and Co/Etsy

How could you not feel cool on all levels immediately after putting one of these bad boys on??? Also probably helping to put your pooch ‘s shirt on too since, y ‘know, they don ‘t have thumbs.


Plus, if anyone has the audacity to say anything bad about your slick new summer top, you can loudly point out that your dog is wearing the same one, because anyone who badmouths a dog ‘s fashion choice is a certifiable monster.

These amazing matching shirts are by Pablo and Co. Boutique and are available on Etsy in a variety of sizes for both dogs and the humans with the thumbs and credit cards.

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