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Phillies Fan And National Hero Uses Ballpark Tarp As Slip N ‘ Slide

Pretty much any sporting event that ‘s on a national level is going to have its own share of fan interruptions. If it ‘s televised, you can guarantee someone ‘s going to want to use that for their own five seconds of fame. Most sports-goers looking for the limelight go about it in the same way. Which is, of course, getting completely butt naked and sprinting out onto the field.

You know, as one is just naturally inclined to do when faced with dozens of cameras and thousands of people watching.

I ‘ve always been annoyed by streakers. Not because I think they ‘re dumb and immature or anything, I mean they definitely are but I write articles about stuff like Navy pilots drawing giant dicks in the sky for a living so “dumb and immature ‘ is kind of my whole thing. No, I ‘ve always been annoyed by streakers because I played baseball for 17 years so I know just how irritating it is to have to halt the game. In my opinion, if anyone is going to run out onto the field, there better be a good reason for it.

Say, for example, if there happened to be a giant slip n ‘ slide.

Early this week at a Phillies game, the weather took a turn for the worst, and rain delays mean that the field has to be covered with a tarp until the rain lets up. So the field underneath stays dry and the tarp collects all the water… creating the chance for the most epic slip n ‘ slide ever ‘ and there were a few people who thought the exact same thing.

One fan made a break for it and attempted the mega slide

Not bad, but he has nothing on this guy who absolutely nailed it.

Look at that form. It ‘s flawless. Beautiful and majestic, like an Emperor penguin

Afterward, of course, he was handcuffed and escorted off the field. And for the first time, I ‘m actually on the fan ‘s side. I think we can all admit that his running start and dive onto the tarp was super impressive, and hey, if you can pull something like this off as perfectly as he did, I say let him walk off the field with nothing but applause.

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