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A Two-Year-Old ‘s Cake Said “Happy Birthday Loser ‘ By Accident, Enjoy

Regardless of what kind of party you have or how you celebrate it, the peak of any birthday is when the lights dim, a hush falls over the room, then everyone sings off-key as you ‘re presented with an ornate dessert covered in tiny fires. That ‘s right, I ‘m talking about cake.

Cakes are the cornerstone of birthdays everywhere, and they ‘re not complete until they ‘re adorned with some sort of sweet message piped in icing. For most, a standard “Happy Birthday! ‘ is sufficient, but some people like to have a little personal touch added. However, the more custom you try to go and the further you stray from generic, the more likely it is that there ‘s gonna be some hiccups. Most of the time, these hiccups are pretty small. My parents wanted to use candles in the shape of numbers instead of regular candles for my birthday cake one year, but realized at the last minute that they forgot to buy a new pack and had to use leftover number candles they had in the back of a drawer, and that ‘s the story of how I celebrated my “40th ‘ birthday when I turned 8.

Sometimes, though, things can go really wrong.

In preparation for her daughter ‘s birthday, Melin Jones, a mom from Missouri, ordered a birthday cake from Walmart. She asked that the cake say “Happy Birthday Lizard ‘ (that ‘s her human daughter ‘s nickname, she ‘s not actually a lizard, but that would be cool) but the woman taking the order didn ‘t quite hear her correctly.

Instead of “Happy Birthday Lizard ‘, she thought Jones said “Happy Birthday Loser ‘

Courtesy of Melin Jones

So, okay, people mishear things all the time. It happens. But you ‘d think that after being told this is a birthday cake for a two year old she would ‘ve said something like, “uhhhhhh, did I hear that right? ‘ Or SOMETHING to double-check that this woman indeed wanted her toddler ‘s birthday cake to say


Don ‘t get me wrong though, I ‘m happy that nobody in charge of making the cake questioned it and that the mom didn ‘t bother checking it first before bringing it home because this is the best thing I ‘ve read all week. Plus the birthday girl can ‘t even read, so no harm done!

So the takeaway here everybody is if you ‘re gonna make fun of your kid on their birthday, make sure that it ‘s done in writing and before they know how to read it.

Edit to add that my child can not read , we didn ‘t tell her what it said , even if we did our 2 year old child wouldn ‘t…

Posted by Melin Jones on ‘Sunday, June 30, 2019

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