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These Rich Dimwits Try To Destroy Each Other Over The Stupidest Things

Boomer Retaliates After Being Robbed in BEEF IN BRENTWOOD Episode 1. In the series premiere, watch as Boomer, an overzealous dimwit who thinks he is the toughest guy in Brentwood, Los Angeles, gets robbed and embarrassed on social media. In a mission to redeem his reputation, he tracks down the guys who did it and retaliates, triggering a war between the three incompetent wannabe ‘s.


It all starts with a stolen cell phone but then leads to a world war. This is BEEF IN BRENTWOOD, where the braggadocious meets the brainless in a ludicrously violent sketch series. ‘How to put this?

You ever overhear an absolute douche treating someone badly and think to yourself, “I wish someone would teach that guy/gal a lesson? ‘ Or get cut off by an unrepentant dickbutt in traffic and pray a cop pulls them over?

The hilarious creator behind this series make those wishes come true by playing the dumbest idiot I have ever seen and surrounding himself with even dumber idiots, giving them all deserved grisly endings ‘ and can I just say it is glorious.

With a mix of really, REALLY good VFX and absolutely the shittiest VFX, it ‘s impossible to look away. In a lot of ways, this series reminds me of the kind of movies I really miss: live-action cartoon buffoonery ‘ la Police Academy, Hot Shots and Hot Shots: Part Deux, Naked Gun, Black Dynamite, or MacGruber. BEEF though has the added wrinkle, similar to South Park, in that very few of the characters actually die (they instead suffer hilariously minor or unrelated injuries). And so watching all the beefs start over again creates this kind of gleeful, guilty anticipation.

Check out the episodes below for season one. Check out seasons 2, 3, and 4 Beef In Brentwood ‘s Facebook page.

Lyft Driver Suge Knights Our Homie!! | Beef in Brentwood – Ep. 2

Boomer hits up his boys Drew and Keith to help him deal with the chaos of Tyson & Viet. Meanwhile, Tyson and Viet become more tactical in their approach to finally getting rid of Boomer and taking over his account once and for good.

Boomer gets shipped via Fed Ex! | Beef in Brentwood – Ep. 3

After their boy Keith was gunned down, Boomer and Drew try to escape the alleyway but Tyson and Viet have other plans for they ass.

Apartment Complex Explodes! | Beef in Brentwood – Ep. 4

After washing ashore on a beach in China, Drew comes and rescues Boomer and brings him back to LA. Meanwhile, Tyson and Viet think Boomer is officially gone and have moved on and gotten new jobs. Boomer soon finds out and decides to pay them a visit at work.

Guy Gets Shot 80 Times in Chest! | Beef in Brentwood – Ep. 5

In an attempt to get his stolen phone back from Tyson & Viet, Boomer and Drew devise a plan that quickly backfires and brings in some new beef.

Unexpected Shotgun Blast to the Heart!! | Beef in Brentwood – Ep. 6

Boomer and Drew hit up their boy Josh to help them take care of Sarah and Jodi. Meanwhile, Tyson and Viet are tracking Boomer down with the Find my iPhone app.

We found a Genie! | Beef in Brentwood – Ep. 7

After discovering Kevin ‘s advice was used for a personal gain, Boomer retaliates back on Kevin and gets the information he needs on Tyson & Viet ‘s whereabouts. The boys later stumble on an interesting find after doing some birthday shopping for Drew ‘s mom.

Love it. Yet another reason to use the words “beef, ‘ “wet beef, ‘ “hot beef, ‘ or even “violent beefs ‘ in conversation.

BEEF IN BRENTWOOD was created by Boomer Mobley.


Boomer Mobley:

Boomer Mobley

Kevin Kimmel

Joshua Triplett

Tyson Prince:…

Viet Ha

Dianna Aguilar…

Allison McCormack…

Fred our Stuntman:…

Some of the music in this episode was provided by Q Dot, check out his music below:


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