By: Sloane Hughes

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Shaq In A Mosh Pit Is Genuinely The Best Thing I ‘ve Ever Seen

Shaquille O ‘Neal is one of the greatest NBA players of all time, which is already an impressive thing to be known for, but he ‘s also so much more than that. He ‘s Kazaam, he has his own line of jewelry which consists pretty much entirely of bejeweled crucifixes that are so massive only Shaq could wear them, and he ‘s gifted us with a bountiful collection of the greatest memes and gifs imaginable.

He ‘s also a DJ.

He ‘s even played at Ultra Music Festival in Miami! Yes, Shaq is a big fan of EDM. And like any true fan of a particular genre, when there ‘s a chance to get out on the dance floor, he takes it. However, Shaq doesn ‘t just dance, and even if he did just dance that would still be a sight to behold, but he goes hard.

You guys…

Shaq moshes.

Shaquille O ‘Neal, clocking in at 7 ‘1 ‘ and over 300lbs, MOSHES. And it is truly one of the best things I ‘ve ever witnessed.

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