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An Artist Turned Trump ‘s Hypocritical Tweets Into Shoes ‘ And Sold Out

Fashion lovers know that clothes aren ‘t just pieces of fabric that cover your body so you don ‘t end up on the news and then become known as “that guy who was naked in Target ‘ for the rest of your life. Clothing is a chance for you to express yourself and tell the world who you are; clothing is art. And as such, it should make a statement. Usually these statements are more inferred, but sometimes they ‘re pretty literal and on the nose.

Like these shoes, designed by 27-year-old Los Angeles resident, Sam Morrison.

He took screenshots of Trump ‘s tweets that directly contradict each other and printed them nice and clearly atop each pair of sandals, (which is truly a genius idea, since the well of contradictory Trump tweets runneth deep) and called the entire collection,

Trump Flip Flops.

Which is clever as hell, since it ‘s true in more ways than one.

Courtesy of Sam Morrison

As you could imagine, these sold like hotcakes. The flip flops came in three different designs, sporting five different pairings of Trump ‘s polar opposite opinions about the same thing, and Sam sold every single pair he made ‘ in less than a month.

Courtesy of Sam Morrison

This already sounds impressive, but it gets even better once you know just how many pairs he made.



Courtesy of Sam Morrison

Unfortunately, Sam says that Trump Flip Flops are sold out for good, but who knows, maybe the president will do or say something that ‘s just too damn “inspirational ‘ to NOT use as the design for Sam ‘s next great fashion project.

For now, you can look at all of the designs on his website.

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