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The Best Inventions That ‘It ‘s Always Sunny ‘ Gifted Us

In a vast sea of sitcoms about a group of average white friends, It ‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia stands out among the rest. The most obvious reason being because the characters that the show revolves around ‘ Mac, Dee, Dennis, Charlie, and Frank ‘ are absolute degenerates with really no ability for personal growth or sense of morality. But say what you will about The Gang, they ‘re inventive as shit. Even if they don ‘t have the greatest of ideas, they have an abundance of them, and for that you gotta give them credit. I consider myself a better person than all of them, because honestly it doesn ‘t take much, but I ‘m willing to admit that I ‘ve made 99% less attempts at creating stuff than they have.

They ‘re entrepreneurial! Terrible, but entrepreneurial.

So with that said, here are the best (in my opinion) inventions (that aren ‘t really even inventions but hey they tried) from Always Sunny.

Chardee MacDennis

It ‘s a game, but it ‘s not just a game. IT ‘S WAR.

The Rat Stick

It ‘s not the most eloquent of inventions, but it does the trick.

The Denim Chicken

Poultry doesn ‘t come with pants often enough.

Rum Ham

It is ham… SOAKED in rum… LOADED with booze. Not to be shared with dogs.

Dick Towel

It ‘s a towel that ‘s sure to change your life, and you can buy it here.

Fight Milk


Spider Translator

No, no, not as in like… you can talk to spiders. ‘Spider Translator ‘ as in… a spider in your ear… translates other human things… to you.

Kitten Mittons

Because cats make too much noise!!


Frank ‘s invention only got a fraction of a second in the Paddy ‘s Pub Merchandise commercial, but that ‘s really all it needed. It needs to introduction, or information, it is egg.

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