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Nick Miller Gifs For Any Struggling Adult

One undeniable fact of life is that becoming an adult is hard. Responsibility sucks, jobs suck, figuring out taxes and investments sucks, making your own appointments sucks, it all sucks. Well, not 100% of the time ‘ except taxes, doing taxes sucks always ‘ but some days adulting is harder and more of a bummer than others, and there are some things that are more difficult to learn how to do and keep doing enthusiastically, and some of us are just not good at doing said adult things. For those of you reading this going, “actually I find adulthood super easy, ‘ this is not the article for you, you should turn around right now. We get it, you ‘re competent, ooOOOooh, whatever. Go on, get outta here, go balance your checkbook or meal prep or something.

The small silver lining here is that at least we ‘re all in this together, and at one point or another we all struggle to wake up on time for work or put off doing laundry for way too long or keep a sizable about of money in a shoe box because we don ‘t trust banks. And the king of all struggling adults is Nick Miller, the law school dropout of the New Girl loft who is somehow both a large child who can ‘t take care of himself and an old man who has no idea how technology works.

So if you ‘re having a hard time adulting today, this week, or pretty consistently throughout your life, Nick Miller can provide some probably much-needed solidarity.

Sometimes the bare minimum is okay

How much responsibility is involved is usually the basis of my life decisions

Definitely not way higher up from the bottom but like, a solid mid-point


Hi yes can I also get an alcohol it ‘s been a long day of being in charge of my own wellbeing

Who among us hasn ‘t struggled with a door and lost?

This is what my brain looks like between the hours of 9am and 5pm on any given weekday

Honestly it ‘s bullshit that we can ‘t solve more of our problems by hiding in tiny book houses

Or moonwalking away from them

And if adulthood could be reduced to just one sentence, this would definitely be it

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