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You Can Now Rent An Inflatable Irish Pub And I Am So Down

One of the hardest parts of saying goodbye to summer is it means the end of patio season, because I think most of us are all pretty outdoorsy. And by outdoorsy I mean we all like drinking outdoors. So the end of summer unfortunately means that pretty soon we ‘ll be forced to take off the sunglasses, pick up our beers, and go back inside. Tragic. If only there was a way to extend this feeling of summertime backyard boozy fun…

Well, actually, if you live in Boston, there might be an answer.

You might not be able to be completely outside once the cool weather rolls in, but you can still have a party in your backyard ‘ with an inflatable Irish pub. Yes, a company in Boston, “the hub of the Irish American community ‘, is the home of a gloriously inventive company called The Paddy Wagon Pub, and yes, they specialize in inflatable traveling bars.

Courtesy of The Paddy Wagon Pub
And, okay, they don ‘t bring an above ground pool to you, but hey ‘ if you really want one there ‘s definitely a company out there for that too.

Not only does this The Paddy Wagon Pub provide a giant inflatable Irish-style pub set up right on your lawn, or wherever else there needs to be a pop-up bar capable of holding 80 people (like maybe at your next work retreat), but they also provide bartenders and service staff to man the dang thing too, AND the booze! So you don ‘t have to sling drinks all night or go on any last minute liquor runs!

Plus, if you ‘ve got a particularly Irish-themed event or a St. Paddy ‘s Day celebration to plan, or, hell, if you ‘re just feeling extra Irish, they ‘ll even plan a custom drink menu, food service, and traditional Irish music.

So don ‘t feel like you have to wait until summertime to throw your next outdoor bash, now you can get down in your own backyard during any weather ‘ and have the extra (lucky) charm of an Irish pub.

Sl ‘inte!

Courtesy of The Paddy Wagon Pub

You can check out all the info on The Paddy Wagon Pub right here, and if you decide to have an inflatable bar at your next party, make sure you send me an invite!

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