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Kristen Bell Destroyed ‘Hot Ones ‘ And I Both Fear And Admire Her

Singing, dancing, activism, portraying everything from foul-mouthed, shrimp loving degenerates to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Disney princesses, is there anything that Kristen Bell can ‘t do? The answer of course is no, and as if that wasn ‘t enough, she and her husband Dax Shepard are also our favorite Hollywood couple of all time. Honestly dude it ‘s not even fair, like nobody should be that cool. I ‘m mildly upset about it and the only thing that ‘ll help is if Kristen and Dax agree to adopt me.

Listen, I can dream.

And now, the most recent addition to the lengthy list of reasons why Kristen Bell is incredible and also decidedly badass: She was a guest on this week ‘s episode of Hot Ones, and totally crushed it.

(As an side, she ‘s a vegetarian so it was super cool that the producers over at First We Feast were accommodating and created that beautiful plate of meatless wings)

Although Dax wasn ‘t actually present in this episode, that didn ‘t stop the interview from quickly turning into a fierce-but-friendly-but-definitely-fierce rivalry between the couple. A bit of healthy tension is good for a marriage, and in this case healthy tension means taking every opportunity on talk shows to absolutely annihilate each other in anything and everything, and when we saw them together on Ellen, it was clear that blindfolded tasting games are… uh… not her forte. But during her time on Hot Ones, not only did Kristen nail the skill-testing questions that her husband got wrong during his interview and get a chance to recount the hilarious time someone at Costco assumed Dax was dead, she PLOWED through those wings without breaking a sweat.

Seriously ‘ it was amazing.

Kristen Bell can demolish hot sauce like it ‘s her day job.

She is so powerful.

Once again, Kristen, if you ‘re reading this, please adopt me.

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