By: Tamara Yajia

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A Robot Reviews Shrek

Hello I am a robot and I recently observed the the most beautiful, wonderful film in history: “Shrek. ‘ Here is my review:

The main character in the movie is Mr. Shrek. He is the color of the Hulk but more beautiful, more sexy, and has a better butt. Shrek lives in a little house that looks like an uncircumcised pecker. He enjoys being alone. When his bros come over to hang out with him, Shrek says “leave me alone, gentlemen. I ‘m not going to da club tonight. ‘ He is like a goth but green.

When the movie begins, we hear a song that goes “some body once told me the world was gonna roll me, I ain ‘t the sharpest toot in the shit. The year start coming and they don ‘t lalal lalalalla alal lalala la la la la la so much to see. ‘ I like this song. I want it to be played at my funeral. It will be open casket and I will be fully nude.

Anyways, ok. You can enjoy the rest of my review if you observe the video on top. It was a pleasure. Bye, bye.

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