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This Rock-Paper-Scissors Match Through A Plane Window Is Just The Best

One of the biggest criticisms of the smart technology we ‘re surrounded by is that because of our phones and the internet, we no longer make meaningful connections with people. This notion and other claims like it are so prolific because they ‘re peddled by Boomers and Gen Xers… who yell about it on the internet, via their phones. Anyway, this criticism isn ‘t entirely fair, because the vast majority of the time that we spend on our phones revolves around exactly that: Connecting with people. If you think about it, social media and smart technology have actually taught us new ways to communicate with others through things like bite sized videos, gifs, memes, and even shitty game apps. Language barriers and distance don ‘t hinder us to the same extent they used to, and that ‘s pretty cool.

Now, I ‘m not saying that spending too much time on our phones isn ‘t a problem; it is, and we could all use some more real life human interaction. However, I also believe that thanks in part to social media and the communication methods we ‘ve learned from using it, however small or niche they might seem, we ‘ve become a little less socially guarded and able to actually make more meaningful connections with people. Which, again, is pretty cool.

And when you combine our ability and willingness to have brief, whimsical interactions with strangers and apply it to the real world, some pretty fun things happen.

Say, for instance, playing a quick game of rock-paper-scissors through an airplane window.

While waiting to take off from Atlantic City, Twitter user Robert Meadows decided to kill some time by challenging a tarmac worker to a game of rock-paper-scissors, and the whole thing was captured by his girlfriend, Brianna Kolbe.

As if this wasn ‘t heart-wrenchingly wholesome enough already, Robert and Brianna learned that the name of his opponent on the ground was Allain Bantaya ‘ thanks to the quick work of the internet. They even discovered they had mutual friends, and are now planning a rematch.

The video of their match went viral almost instantly, and it didn ‘t take long for people to share other similar and hilarious stranger-standoffs.

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