By: Ron Burgundy

Article by Sloane Hughes

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Ron Burgundy Dives Into The Internet With A Cyber Security Expert

Few people know how the internet actually came to be, but Ron Burgundy has done extensive research for this podcast. Extensive research that he had to do, mind you, because Carolina didn ‘t send him any notes before the episode. Or did she? Maybe his fax machine was just out of paper, who ‘s to say. ‘

The internet is here to stay and Ron Burgundy has a lot of questions about it, as we all should. It ‘s a dangerous beast! Are your children safe? Are the elderly safe? Is anyone safe? There ‘s a lot to discuss, that ‘s why Ron brought in Cyber Security Expert, Richard Greenberg.

To warm up, Ron and Carolina learn a bit about Richard and about his job as a Cyber Security Expert. For instance, is Ron allowed to call him Dick? Does he carry a badge and a gun? Because it seems like he should get to carry a badge and a gun.

After the pleasantries, it ‘s time to get down to the nitty gritty, and Ron asks the questions that are on everyone ‘s mind: How do you create a strong password? What are hackers? What is the dark web? Can you buy quaaludes there? All things that we need to know.

Richard Greenberg fields all of these important questions and more, providing extremely useful information on how to keep yourself safe on the internet, and some insight into whether or not we should be afraid of robots. ‘

You might think you know a lot about the internet and cyber safety, but how much do you really know? If you spend time online, which you do because you ‘re reading this right now, Ron and Carolina ‘s talk with Richard is a must-listen.

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