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Throwback To Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg ‘s Dad Joke Standoff

Ahhh, dad jokes.

Simultaneously the best of comedy, and the worst of comedy. The kinds of jokes that make you want to walk right out of the building and groan for a full 24 hours. Just the worst jokes that are never okay, unless you ‘re the one telling them, then they ‘re downright hilarious. Jokes that make your mother say, “oh for fuck ‘s sake, ‘ but crack your father up, and make your grandfather shed a single, proud tear, knowing that the pun-torch is being carried down through the generations. Jokes that are so bad they ‘re good; jokes that we can ‘t help but laugh at, and then hate ourselves for laughing at.

Dad jokes, at their most basic level, are just puns. And anyone can tell a pun.

But not everyone can tell a dad joke.

To turn your average, run-of-the-mill pun into a dad joke, it needs to be told from a place of complete, unabashed self-satisfaction. You have to be just so totally pleased with yourself before, during, and for a looooong time after you tell it. You have to ease into the delivery, but ham it up enough that everyone knows what ‘s coming, and you can see the looks of “oh no, oh no this is going to be so bad ‘ form on their faces in real time. You need to relish in every “UGHHHHHH ‘ that follows. It needs to make your day and ruin everyone else ‘s. In order for it to be a dad joke, you should be the only one laughing, and you should be laughing hard.

It ‘s truly a skill and an artform, and All Def Comedy pits the best of the best (or the worst of the worst, depending on how you feel about dad jokes) against each other in their video series You Laugh, You Lose.

Two comedians enter, only one leaves.

Well ok actually they both leave because it ‘d be crazy if a dad joke battle was a fight to the death but that just sounded cool didn ‘t it?

The entire series is hilarious, but back in 2017, a battle of titans went down ‘ a battle to see who is the master of dad jokes:

Will Ferrell, or Mark Wahlberg?

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