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This Alpaca-Human Dance Off Deserves Its Own Disney Movie

We humans tend to think that there ‘s a lot separating us from other animals for a variety of reasons, like our complex language, infrastructure, and the fact that we ‘ve developed hobbies, passions, and interests, to name a few. But dolphins and whales have extremely complex language, and bees make structures out of perfect hexagons and they don ‘t even use rulers. So are we really that different from the rest of the animal kingdom or are we just smart enough to be full of ourselves and kinda dickish?

I ‘m sure at this point you ‘re all yelling, “but what about the fact that humans have passions and hobbies?! You mentioned that in your opening but you didn ‘t address passions and hobbies!! ‘ at your screens, to which I say ha HA! I did that on purpose! Because that is going to be the lead into the topic of this article, which I ‘m sure none of you saw coming!!!

Moving on from my cleverness, let us continue.

What are you passionate about ‘ sports? Singing? Painting? Those are all things that tons of animals can do if you train them, but we all know that ‘s not the same as having a passion for it. A passion is something you want to do, unprompted or without reward. Something that you ‘re excited about. Take dancing, for instance. Sure, you can train an animal to perform certain moves, you can teach them a routine with practice, and a lot of animals will even dance to music on their own, like parrots or cockatiels or other similar birds.

(In high school my best friend ‘s budgie Richard would lose his absolute shit every time Biggie Smalls came on, he wouldn ‘t dance but he would tweet like crazy for the whole damn track which we assumed was him rapping along. He had taste)

That ‘s all well and good, but is that enough to be able to say that some animals are on the same level as us? Is a bird bobbing its head and singing September ‘ Earth, Wind & Fire a compelling enough argument?

How about an alpaca that ‘s so into dancing it throws down in a full on dance battle???



I gotta be honest, I ‘m not invested in anything enough to test my skills in a battle against someone else, especially if that someone else is a different species. This is the kind of bond that births Disney movies.

So there you go, maybe more of your animal pals have hobbies that you don ‘t even know about. Maybe we aren ‘t so different after all. Only one way to find out! Challenge your golden retriever to duelling pianos, bring your stamp collection outside and see if any squirrels are into it, ask the local crows how they feel about Shakespeare!

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