By: Sloane Hughes

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Kneel Before The Giant Hand, New Lord Of New Zealand

Art is subjective, and that ‘s what makes it so great. Two people can look at a work of art and see completely different things, which is pretty magical. However, it ‘s subjectivity is also what causes people to raise their eyebrow and walk away saying, “I didn ‘t get that at all, ‘ or, “what was the artist trying to say? ‘ or, more commonly, “what the fuck. ‘ Listen, I went to a fine arts university, I saw everything ranging from a single crumpled up juice box on a pedestal to a grad student rolling around in a circle on the floor for an hour as their thesis project. So I get it ‘ sometimes art is just straight up weird. But if it ‘s in a gallery or in your own home or in art school, then that ‘s fine! Those are spaces where if you want to get crazy, you can absolutely go to town.

It ‘s a little different when it ‘s in public.

Public art is important, it ‘s culturally enriching, it can bring communities together, and it can improve your mood on a boring commute to work. Public art can also confuse and terrify everyone, as people in Wellington, New Zealand have learned.

The newest public art installation in Wellington is a giant hand.

With a face.

On top of a building.

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