By: Tamara Yajia

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A Bot Reviews Avengers: Endgame

Hello I am a robot and I recently observed the important film: “Avengers Endgame. ‘ Here is my review:

Avangers Edamame is a very wonderful movie made by DC. It starts with all the avengers that didn ‘t become sprinkles having a depression because they miss their dead friends. The alive avengers are: Captain Blondie, Black Mirror, Big Chunk, Thorp, Gun Ferret, Robert Downey Jr. and Girl Thanos.

They decide to visit Daddy Thanos and get back the jewelry he stole because they ‘re out of it at Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry. They find Thanos doing a detox retreat in a planet by himself. He ‘s wearing an organic cotton t-shirt and working on a farm picking berries and making vegan smoothies. The Afrienders hate this so they get on a spaceship with Caplin Mervel, and Thorn uses his giant pizza cutter to chop his purple head off. But the jewelery is still missing. FAIL.

Thank you. You can enjoy the rest of my review if you observe the video on top. It was a pleasure. Bye, bye.

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