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‘Saved By The Bell ‘ Is Now THIRTY YEARS OLD

Do you wanna feel old?

Probably not, but you ‘re about to anyway!

The beloved sitcom Saved by the Bell followed the lives of a group of friends as they experienced the ups and downs of adolescence and high school, taught millions of kids and teens around the world some very valuable life lessons, and created a legendary schism between two factions that people are still loyal to to this day: Team Slater or Team Zack.

Oh, and one more thing ‘


YEP. It ‘s been THIRTY. YEARS. since we were first introduced to the students of Bayside High. Let that sink in for a minute. Ponder your own mortality. Maybe make yourself a stiff drink.

And although it ‘s easy to look back fondly and reminisce about all the good times, the laughs, and the friendships, one important thing that we must remember is Zack Morris was TRASH.

It may sound harsh, but it ‘s the truth.

Remember when he went out of his way to be a total dick to a girl in a wheelchair?

The Time Zack Morris Made A Girl In A Wheelchair Feel Terrible


Or the time he straight up narc ‘d on a famous actor for smoking weed?!

The Time Zack Morris Narc’d On A Friendly Movie Star For Smoking Weed


Or the time he prostituted his friend Lisa so he could pay a credit card bill?!?!

The Time Zack Morris Prostituted Lisa To Pay A Cre

That is LOW, Zack, even for you.

That ‘s why we are going to celebrate the 30th birthday of Saved by the Bell by continuing to do our duty and presenting even more hard-hitting evidence proving how much he totally sucked.

The next season of Zack Morris Is Trash premieres this September!

But until then, you can watch previous episodes of ZMIT here, and show everyone that you know the truth about Zack by flaunting a Zack Morris Is Trash t-shirt.

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