By: Sloane Hughes

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This Painting Of Trump Has Become The Ultimate Meme Fodder

This has been a weird couple of weeks in the realm of art.

Earlier this month a 16-foot-tall statue of a human hand with a face was placed atop a building in Wellington, New Zealand, and we all recently learned that Jeffrey Epstein, frontrunner for Worst Human of the Decade, was the owner of an oil portrait of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress. And after that it seemed pretty fair to say things couldn ‘t get any more outlandish.

But then they did, because of course they did, because there is no ceiling for how weird things can get anymore. The regular laws our world was governed by have been suspended. The train has been derailed.

The unofficial artist for the Trump administration and certified level 5 fanboy Jon McNaughton is responsible for a lot of bizarre portraits of the 45th prez of these United States, depicting Trump doing all sorts of weird shit that he (or like, anyone) would never do either for the sake of an oil painting or naturally. Like Trump in a full suit sitting on a park bench teaching a slumped-over teen boy wearing a baggy sweatshirt who looks like he just came from a D.A.R.E. brochure how to fish, or Trump standing in a barren wasteland, clad in a military-style bomber with his hands tightly clasped together like a 7-year-old who just caught a big cricket, praying overtop of the world ‘s smallest teddy bear.

It ‘s all super uncomfortable.

Jonny Boy ‘s latest work features the president wearing a smock, gracefully clutching a well-used palette, surrounded by various art supplies in a beautiful studio that he, Donald J. Trump, The Don, host of The Apprentice, man who eats steak with ketchup, definitely has and frequently utilizes, staring right at the viewer with that classic shit-eating grin, beginning to lift a luxurious velvet sheet off of a canvas that he was clearly just working on so the canvas is still definitely wet so why the fuck would he drape velvet overtop of it Jesus Christ I hate this so much.

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