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Ron Burgundy And A Historian Talk All Things America

Ron Burgundy ‘s guest this episode is a very notable woman in American history and politics, and you might know her by her three initials. It ‘s not RBG, Ron and Ruth aren ‘t on speaking terms anymore due to their unfortunate falling out over a food fight debacle.

The episode opens with a music review of an artist Ron deeply identifies with: Ariana Grande. Although there ‘s some confusion and Carolina has to point out to Ron that the song he ‘s been listening to isn ‘t even Ariana Grande.

After clarifying what is and isn ‘t Ariana Grande ‘s music, Ron and Carolina welcome their guest: Pulitzer Prize-winning author, historian, political commentator, and perhaps most importantly, one of the most passionate former loves of Ron Burgundy ‘s life, Doris Kearns Goodwin. Yes, Ron and Doris go way back, and now they finally get a chance to discuss their steamy affair with each other, and Carolina.

Doris gives her fascinating insight into the lives of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt with details that you might have never heard before, and thanks to her time spent with Lyndon B. Johnson writing his biography, she has some anecdotes for Ron and Carolina about the former president that are definitely not in any old text book.

She ‘s not just here to talk about the past, though. People throughout this country are understandably concerned with the current state of things, and Doris Kearns Goodwin addresses the fears that are on all our minds ‘ along with other important questions like how many hot dogs did Babe Ruth really eat in the dugout ‘ and thankfully for everyone listening, she provides a lot of reasons to be hopeful. ‘

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