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The Top 12 Greatest Moments From Jerry O ‘

Jerry O ‘Connell has been rocking the world of daytime television for two weeks ‘ can you believe it ‘s already been two weeks?? But they do say time flies when you ‘re having fun, and that definitely checks out because, folks,

We ‘ve been having a BLAST.

Jerry O ‘ is doing something different in daytime; he ‘s bringing a fresh take that ‘s unlike any other daytime talk show. Comedy is threaded throughout the show bringing Jerry ‘s playful tone to his voracious passion for all things pop culture. Every episode opens with a hilarious sketch featuring exciting faces in comedy. So far Jerry ‘s had a chance to sit down and chat with an amazing array of people such as Andy Cohen, Rebecca Romijn, and Jim Gaffigan, and has covered everything from fatherhood to 90 Day Fianc ‘ ‘ and was even covered himself! Literally. By a snake. It was massive.

Whether you ‘re new to daytime television or a lifelong fan, a lover of comedy or pop culture, Jerry O ‘ has something for everyone.

These two weeks have been an awesome ride and there ‘s one more week of Jerry O ‘ to be had, and you ‘re not going to want to miss it. We know, we know ‘ two days feels like an awfully long time until the next episode airs on Monday, but hey! This is the perfect chance to get caught up on everything that ‘s happened so far.

Here are 12 of Jerry O ‘s greatest moments.

Jerry O ‘ airs weekdays on select FOX stations. Go to for local listings.

Kelly Ripa teaches Jerry to “talk cool ‘

“Dr. Phil ‘ (Jerry) helps out some New Yorkers

Jerry prepares for his Pop Culture Sprint

IAMZOIE teaches Jerry how to pole dance

Jerry ‘s weird Real Housewives dream

Gina Kirschenheiter gives Jerry a lesson on how to talk like a New Yorker

Jerry asks people who their celebrity crush is, and some are pretty unexpected

Jerry grills Andy Cohen

Jerry enjoys some pre-show meditation

Jerry and Rebecca Romijn swap embarrassing photos and videos

Jerry ‘s very own press conference

Jerry dives into the craziness of 90 Day Fianc ‘

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