By: Sloane Hughes

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The Best Bits Of Wisdom From Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson of the Pawnee Parks Department is a simple man.

He likes pretty, dark-haired women and breakfast foods, and he hates the government. He ‘s also not a very big fan of metaphors, froo-froo symbolism, or passing along anything that isn ‘t survival skills or tips on how to build the perfect chair. Which is unfortunate for him, because whether he likes it or not, he bestowed a whole lot of wisdom upon us about a whole lot of stuff.

Like the truth about skim milk

The ideal party

Bacon preparedness

How birthdays are a scam

The proper way to dress

The harsh reality of jokes

How to think outside the box

The mentality we should all have about eating

Being honest about the level of children ‘s skills, which is not great

Drinking etiquette

And, of course, how to attack anything and everything you do in life.

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