By: Sloane Hughes

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Behold, The Wonder That Is CORGI RACING

I thought the world of sport couldn ‘t get any better once I learned that humans footracing in T. rex costumes exist, but I am delighted to say that I have been proven wrong. Dog races aren ‘t anything new, and when you think of a racing dog I ‘m willing to bet you imagine a greyhound or a whippet, something tall and lean that ‘s 80% legs and 20% tremble. But guess what, guys,

Corgi races are a thing.

If you ‘re unfamiliar with corgis, allow me to explain to you why this is so hilarious. Imagine a fluffy, pointy-eared dog of regular proportions, like a German shepherd or a husky. Now imagine that instead of legs, that dog is held up by four jumbo marshmallows. That is a corgi.

Look at these cute idiots.

Courtesy of the American Kennel Club

How they manage to actually walk, let alone run, is beyond me. They ‘re like the bumblebees of the dog world. Those legs should be far too small to be able to carry a regular sized dog, and yet, they manage to race.

And it ‘s exactly as ridiculous as you think it is.

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