By: Sloane Hughes

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Wednesday Addams Gifs To Get You Through Wednesday

Good morning, it ‘s time to greet the worst day of the week, Wednesday.

Wednesday is the unskippable ad in the middle of a YouTube video, the weird smooth jazz cover of “Hotel California ‘ that plays while you ‘re on hold with your doctor ‘s office, the nine pages of Terms & Agreements you have to scroll through before you can reach the “I agree ‘ box. It ‘s the day where you don ‘t have as much energy as you did at the start of the week but you ‘re still not close to the end of the week. It ‘s called Wednesday but it should be called “ah shit it ‘s only Wednesday ‘ day.

And nobody exemplifies Wednesday better than Wednesday. Addams, that is.

She ‘s bitter, she ‘s entirely clad in black, she wants to kill everyone at least a little bit, and she ‘s exactly how we all feel today.

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