By: Sloane Hughes

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Happy Birthday Keanu Reeves, You Beautiful, Beautiful Man

It ‘s Labor Day, which is exciting because that means most of us get the day off. But more importantly, it ‘s Keanu Reeves ‘ birthday, which I ‘d argue would still warrant a three day weekend even if it wasn ‘t already a holiday. He ‘s a mega-rich mega-famous actor who still rides the subway, gives money to crew members he thinks deserve more and takes pay cuts of up to 90% if it means that more people can be hired and paid to work on films, has been running a cancer foundation super nonchalantly (basically secretly) for like 15 years, and is basically just the nicest goddamn guy around.

Today Keanu Reeves turns 55, but you wouldn ‘t know that considering he ‘s looked basically the exact same for the last 20+ years. That ‘s what happens when you ‘re a literal cherub, the good deeds keep you young and prevent wrinkles.

Happy birthday and happy Keanu Reeves appreciation day! Celebrate by throwing on Point Break, Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula, The Matrix, The Devil ‘s Advocate, or whichever Keanu flick you love most. Personally my favorite ‘s Constantine but there are no wrong answers.

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