By: Sloane Hughes

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Watch Jeff Goldblum Dancing On A Roof And Have A Blessed Day

It ‘s the middle of the week after Labor Day long weekend, we ‘re all feeling a little sluggish, so as per most Wednesdays I tried to find something that would work as a midweek pick-me-up for everyone else out there feeling a little “mmmmbbbblleehhhhhhhhhh ‘ today.

And boy howdy did I come across just the thing.

Jeff Goldblum is the one of, if not the most suave men on this planet. He ‘s like the human equivalent of red velvet cake, and he also kind of seems like he has no idea what ‘s going on at any given moment but like in the coolest, nonchalant way possible and that ‘s exactly the kind of person I ‘m striving to grow up to be.

Every single thing Jeff Goldblum does is cool. He could read the back of a shampoo bottle and I ‘d think about it every goddamn day for a month.

I don ‘t know how he does it, but honestly I don ‘t care and neither should you. Magic is always more amazing when you don ‘t know the secret behind it. So with that said, please enjoy the greatest video I have ever seen:

Jeff Goldblum wearing animal print and dancing to Normani on a rooftop at a gay festival in Louisiana.

Literally the greatest sentence I ‘ve ever typed.

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