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Need A Win? Try This Lucky 7-Layer Dip

Woohoo! It ‘s football season, baby. For athletes, that means it ‘s time to suit up, get those jerseys on, and hit the field. Lots of exercise and running will ensue. Maybe some calisthenics or whatever those guys do to train.

For you, football season means it ‘s time to put on your favorite sweatpants and head over to your couch because it ‘s time for your fantasy league!

Listen, we know last season wasn ‘t your best. What could you do? Your hands were tied. You were at the very end of the draft so all you were left with were the dregs of the NFL.

Well, this season will be different. Your head ‘s in the game and you ‘re ready to go. From the couch, of course. For a leg up, try this Lucky 7-Layer Dip. This tasty party time dish is a total touchdown.

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