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Ron Burgundy, A Childcare Expert, And Jon Brion Talk Kids And Lullabies

Few people know this, but part of Ron ‘s long, illustrious career was spent as a doula. Yes, he really had a natural gift for it, and there is a small town in Poland populated by children that he helped bring into the world. Although he is something of an expert himself, Ron and Carolina wanted to bring someone else in for this episode, which is all about childcare. ‘

Before their guest arrives, Ron and Carolina get into the ever-exciting fanmail segment. But it ‘s 2019 and no one sends letters anymore, so instead they read through some of the glowing comments left by Ron ‘s friends. Well ‘ maybe glowing isn ‘t the right word.

After recovering from the fanmail segment, it ‘s time to bring out their guest. Rearing a child is not the easiest task, and babies don ‘t come with instruction manuals so there are a lot of questions on every parent ‘s mind. And who better to ask than Liz! A genuine childcare expert who has partnered with parents to help their little ones grow and develop for decades.

Ron points out that owning a pet and having a child are pretty similar. They require the same amount of love, attention, and similar training. You have to teach them good leash manners, not to bite people, and treats work well on both. There ‘s a lot of parallels. But there are also a lot of questions about children that don ‘t apply to pets, like how do you teach them that farts are embarrassing? How do you help them through tantrums? Can Carolina use those same tactics to help Ron through his tantrums?

Liz provides some excellent answers to all of Ron and Carolina ‘s questions, and after she ‘s given them the rundown on childcare they welcome their next guest: singer, songwriter, and producer Jon Brion. Together they treat Carolina and everybody listening at home to some nursery rhymes and lullabies, like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat ‘, “Hot Cross Buns ‘ which, as everyone knows, was made famous by The Beatles, and the most famous of all nursery rhymes ‘ “Life is a Highway ‘.

If you ‘ve got a small human or you ‘re planning on welcoming one into your life soon, or if you just really love powerful renditions of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ‘ with dramatic piano accompaniment, this is an episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast you ‘re definitely going to want to check out.

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