By: Sloane Hughes

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Jay Pharoah ‘s Impressions On ‘Hot Ones ‘ Deserve, Like, 3 Oscars At Least

The webseries Hot Ones by First We Feast is a gift to the internet. There are a lot of interview talk shows out there, but there is only one show where you can watch everyone from actors and musicians to internet celebrities and professional wrestlers give an interview while muscling their way through the pain and agony of a hot sauce gauntlet.

Jay Pharoah is an actor, rapper, stand-up comic, SNL cast member, and a straight-up chameleon. Seriously ‘ the dude ‘s impressions are so goddamn amazing it ‘s almost scary. And the only thing that ‘s almost as scarily amazing as his impressions is the fact that he can breeze through the Hot Ones wings like it ‘s his dayjob.

He eats these ridiculously spicy wings and switches from Keanu Reeves to Kanye without even breaking a sweat.

The man is a god.

You should watch this episode of Hot Ones twice ‘ once normally and once without looking at the screen, because Jay Pharoah ‘s impressions are so spot on that when he gives interviews, it genuinely sounds like each one of those people is in the room with him.

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