By: Sloane Hughes

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Drama Queen Pit Bull ‘Faints ‘ To Avoid Nail Trimming

Dogs and kids are similar in a lot of ways, I say this because I have a dog and I was once a child, so I know. Trying to get both kids and dogs to do something they don ‘t want to do is like pulling hens teeth. When my parents tried to get my little brother to leave the house for preschool sometimes he would flop down on the floor and essentially play dead, which doesn ‘t sound impressive but somehow kids are able to make themselves have the same density as a dying star and become virtually impossible to move. I don ‘t know how they do it, but apparently dogs have similar tactics.

Whether it ‘s a bath, having their teeth brushed, or it ‘s time to clip their nails, no dog enjoys being groomed. Besides those fluffy pomeranians that are all over instagram, but those are paid actors and they don ‘t count. And some dogs will go to great lengths in order to avoid being cleaned and manicured.

Like this dog, the most dramatic of all pit bulls, who does not want her nails done.

You can tell immediately that this is a dog who knows exactly what ‘s up. Her owner motions for her to “shake a paw ‘, but she ‘s also got nail clippers in her hand so that is not gonna happen.

Look at these eyes.

“No paws will be shaken today ‘

And instead of simply refusing to surrender her paws for nail maintenance, she decides to really take things up a notch by

pretending to faint.


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