By: Sloane Hughes

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This Deepfake Of Kids Doing Trump Impressions Is Too Much

Not all that long ago, deepfake technology was a term that warranted an immediate Google search and probably still some confused, raised eyebrows. These days, however, deepfakes are some of the most common viral videos on the internet, and for good reason ‘ they ‘re entertaining as hell. Whether it ‘s Steve Buscemi as Jennifer Lawrence or Nick Offerman as every character from Full House, they manage to walk the fine line between hilarious and disturbing that ‘s truly just artful ‘ and this might be my new favorite one yet.

Donald Trump impressions aren ‘t anything new at this point. Late night hosts, comedians, definitely your dad, everyone and their dog does their own rendition of The Don. My little brother even went as Donald Trump for his high school ‘s Halloween costume day. So I ‘m sure by now you ‘re probably a little bit bored with people pursing their lips and saying “it ‘s gonna be yuge ‘ over and over, but bear with me here.

Master of deepfake, Dr. Fakenstein, has really outdone himself this time. Back in January 2018 during a segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel had kids on the street do their very best impression of the 45th prez, and kids trying to do impressions is already funny enough on its own… But as Dr. Fakenstein proved with this edit, it ‘s even better when they literally become Trump.

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