By: Sloane Hughes

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Good Morning, Have Some Letterkenny Gifs

It ‘s no secret that I love Letterkenny. In fact, that was the very first article I wrote for Funny Or Die way back last November, when I was a fresh-faced little Canadian import to Los Angeles. And nothing has changed since then! The only thing I ‘d say that ‘s different is a whole lot more people talk about the hit Canadian series now than they did when I first moved here ‘ which fucking rules. If you ‘re not already familiar with it, what the hell are you doing. FIGURE IT OUT, BUD. Letterkenny follows the happenings in a small, fictional town in Ontario, Canada, and its inhabitants: The hicks, the skids, the hockey players, and a few new groups of fine (and not so fine) folks that get introduced along the way.

It ‘s available on Hulu, and in case you need some more incentive to give it a go (which you shouldn ‘t because I wrote a helluva piece already as I said) here are a few little tidbits.


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