By: Sloane Hughes

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Hallelujah, Finally A Hammock For Your Desk

Show of hands, how many of you are approaching your fourth or fifth cup of copy? And how many of you are still yawning and blinking slowly, one eyelid at a time? I see the flaw in this plan as I don ‘t know how many of you are actually raising your hands but I AM RAISING MY OWN SO HIGH. Guys I ‘m exhausted today and I don ‘t know what the hell is wrong with me, but I don ‘t think the answer is more caffeine.

Coffee doesn ‘t even really wake me up at this point, it just makes me tired but faster.

So it looks like the solution here is to go way, way back, to before we all ingested coffee and energy drinks almost intravenously, back to when we were very small little things and actually took naps. Ahhhhh….. naps. Apparently taking a nap actually reduces the risk of suffering heart attacks or strokes, which is reason enough to catch some z ‘s in the middle of the day. But you can ‘t exactly just clear off your desk, curl up, and check out for a nice 15 to 30. I mean, you could, but it ‘d probably be a pretty weird sight for anyone walking by your office.

But what if you could sleep under your desk?


Out of everyone ‘s sight, nice and cozy almost like your own little den, feast your eyes on the Under Desk Hammock.

(They really don ‘t beat around the bush with that name, do they)

It can be yours for $55.00 ‘ the standing desk is like $600.00 but that ‘s beside the point ‘ and the ability to sleep in the comfort of your own… office… is priceless.

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