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This Couple ‘s Cheesy 80 ‘s Engagement Shoot Is My Favorite Thing Ever

Getting engaged isn ‘t something that happens to a person everyday. It signifies the start of two people ‘s lives together, or at least the initial promise to someday promise to spend their lives together, and it ‘s important to celebrate the occasion and document it accordingly. Most people announce their engagement with a series of professional photos probably taken in a dreamy field somewhere, with lots of soft focus and at least one picture where the happy couple-to-be are entwined in a string of lights.


Long gone should be the days of sappy engagement photos, if you really want a memorable engagement shoot that is sure to bring joy to everyone on your Facebook friends list, you gotta do it like this couple.

Madison Moxley and Mason Whitis are a young couple from Kentucky and last week they decided to take their relationship to the next level and get engaged. But instead of taking the usual, romantically lit, long flowy dress in a field of flowers approach to their engagement shoot, they did something SO, SO MUCH BETTER.

They bought the tackiest, most god awful 1980s-eque outfits ever, and had their photoshoot inside a JC Penney.

“This is what dreams are made of,” -Hillary Duff (2003)Your girl is getting married!Since this is getting shared so…

Posted by Madison Moxley on ‘Sunday, September 1, 2019

So sensual

Really working that camera

Oh yeah baby

They ‘re like something literally out of that “Awkward Family Portraits ‘ book and I love it


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