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Ron Burgundy And Dodgers ‘ Clayton Kershaw Cover America ‘s Favorite Pastime

Friends, I must warn you, the start of this podcast is quite bleak. Ron got some disturbing news from the doctor. Well, not his doctor, but the specialist his doctor referred him to, which is a dentist. Yes ‘ Ron Burgundy has a cavity. Don ‘t worry, we believe he ‘ll pull through.

Today ‘s guest has nothing to do with teeth or cavities, however. And to Ron ‘s disappointment he doesn ‘t have anything to do with the Croatian circus, either. Today Ron and Carolina have Clayton Kershaw, the starting pitcher for the LA Dodgers, not to be confused with the famous Croatian circus clown. ‘

Ron is a big fan of baseball, and he and Clayton actually have a couple things in common: They ‘ve both played the game, and they ‘re both left-handed! Clayton, however, is a pitcher, while Ron was a left-handed third basemen. Which probably explains why his team always lost. It ‘s either that or the fact that he would read his novels on the field.

Clayton Kershaw actually just had a game last night, and he confides in Ron and Carolina that he didn ‘t pitch as good of a game as he had hoped to. The good news is the Dodgers still won last night ‘s game, and this gives Clayton the perfect opportunity to weigh in on some of Ron ‘s questions: How does he move past a game where he felt he didn ‘t play his best? What advice would he give to all the other athletes there of any age for when they have rough days?

After some inspirational thoughts on the grand game of baseball and how to overcome failure, it ‘s time to get into some really important questions. Like, what cities does Clayton like playing in best? Which does he not like playing in? (Spoiler alert: Sorry Cleveland, you ‘re not his favorite.) What ‘s the weirdest thing a heckler has ever yelled at him? And does he ever use his fame and baseball prowess to get faster service at Chili ‘s? ‘

There ‘s a lot covered in this episode, for instance, we learn that Carolina has a bit of a temper when it comes to baseball, and Clayton is actually related to a famous astronomer! Whether you ‘re a fan of baseball or not, this is an episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast you ‘re sure to enjoy.

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