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Cops Stop 3,000-Person Hide-And-Seek Game In IKEA Because Fun Is Illegal

It ‘s been said that Disneyland is the most magical place on Earth but we all know that ‘s not true. The most magical place on Earth isn ‘t Disneyland, it ‘s IKEA.

IKEA has been literally my favorite place ever since I was a kid, and I ‘m sure most of you feel the same way, but it ‘s gotten so much cooler in recent years. They used to just have hot dogs and cinnamon buns and sundaes, but now there ‘s a whole-ass restaurant inside each IKEA ‘ AND THEY SERVE BEER. If and when the zombie apocalypse finally hits, that is definitely the place to be. You could survive for a long time inside an IKEA.

Another commonality I ‘m sure we all share is that at some point, we have all fantasized about playing a giant game of hide-and-seek inside the IKEA showrooms. IT ‘S A STRAIGHT UP MAZE IN THERE, SO MANY PLACES TO HIDE, IT WAS MEANT TO BE USED FOR HIDE-AND-SEEK. And a few weeks ago, a group of possibly the coolest people ever, hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, tried to organize a game of hide-and-seek in their local IKEA, and with that game, would have fulfilled the hopes and dreams of anyone ages 10 and up.

And when I say “a group ‘ what I really mean is LITERALLY 3,000 PEOPLE.

Just imagine that for a moment… Imagine three THOUSAND people playing hide-and-seek… inside an IKEA… It ‘s. It ‘s just so beautiful.

The 3,000 Glaswegians organized this event on Facebook, and unfortunately once word got out, the cops were called to pre-emptively shut this party down.

Yeah ‘ a giant game of hide-and-seek was stopped by the actual Fun Police.

So what ‘s the takeaway here, folks?

If you ‘re going to plan a game of hide-and-seek with a few thousand people, don ‘t post about it on the internet.

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