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This Pup Taught Himself To Use A Training Potty, Dogs Are So Good

There are a lot of similarities between raising a human child and raising a puppy. Baby gates and playpens are great to keep both from getting into stuff, at some point you ‘re probably going to have to teach both that it ‘s not okay to bite, there ‘s a definite language barrier for the first while, and both babies and puppies need to be taught where and where not to poop. The only difference, really, is we call one “potty training ‘ and one “house training ‘, but other than that, they ‘re pretty much the same process. Well.. actually ‘ not exactly the same. I ‘d argue that house training a dog is way easier than potty training a human. I ‘m not a parent but I have raised a puppy. A quick Google search told me that potty training a person takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months, but it only took about 4 months for my fur baby to exclusively do his business outside, and I never had to change any diapers.

That might rub some parents out there the wrong way, but here ‘s some pretty clear evidence that dogs have this whole designated-pooping-spot business figured out with way less effort.

This dog used a toddler ‘s potty training toilet ‘

‘by himself.

The parents of this brilliant boy and the human child this tiny toilet was intended for were super confused when they saw someone had gone number 2 in it, and the mystery was only solved once they checked their security camera footage.

So, yeah, to put it simply, this dog taught himself how to use a toilet. Which is doubly impressive when you consider the fact that he isn ‘t exactly built to be able to sit on a potty ‘ like, he actually had to aim.


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