By: Sloane Hughes

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Woman Tries To Stop Drivers From Speeding With A Hair Dryer

Speeding is one of my biggest pet peeves and it has been since I was old enough to know what a speed limit was. I used to bark at my dad if I noticed him climbing way over the speed limit, and now as an adult I bark at other drivers for it. We all know it ‘s wrong and it ‘s dangerous, but more than that, it ‘s dumb!! Speeding is dumb!! You look dumb for doing it!! Especially if you ‘re speeding down residential areas. Oh, you ‘re gonna rip it from one stop light to the next? How much time is that cutting off your commute? Really letting those horses gallop in your Honda Civic there, hey?? God.


One woman decided to take matters into her own hands in the fight against asshole drivers, by posting up on the side of a very narrow residential road with a radar gun.

And by radar gun, I mean hairdryer.

There are multiple things I love about this, so let ‘s break it down one by one.

  1. She ‘s clearly not trying to pose as a police officer, because
  2. she ‘s in extremely normal-person clothes, like she ‘s even
  3. wearing slippers, and
  4. is very clearly holding a hair dryer, that is
  5. plugged into nothing, as well as
  6. holding a drink in her other hand.

So hats off and bravo to these bold civilian efforts, and remember to slow the fuck down.

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