By: Sloane Hughes

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Happy 10th Birthday, ‘Community ‘!

For the most part, community college is nothing special. I should know, I attended one for a brief minute. I mean, education is definitely special, but community college, both the experience and even the literal buildings, is about as riveting as the color beige. Except one very, very special college. One that none of us ever graduated from or even attended at all, but that we ‘re all very familiar with.


Home of the country ‘s most eccentric dean, the world ‘s most horrifying mascot, and television ‘s most wildly different group of misfits. Ten years ago today, we all met Jeff, Pierce, Britta, Annie, Abed, Troy, Shirley, and followed their journeys through everything from cramming for exams to schoolwide pillow forts. Can you believe Community is already ten years old?? They grow up so fast.

To celebrate the occasion, you can binge watch all of Community on Hulu (which is what I am currently doing) and relive all the hilarious moments ‘ my two personal favorite running bits are:

“Shut up, Leonard! ‘

And the dean puns

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