By: Sloane Hughes

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Cops Pull Over Amish Buggy Full Of Booze With Sick Stereo System

When you hear the word “Amish ‘ I bet you think of things like big straw hats and impressive beards, maybe butter churning and quiet farmland. I ‘m also positive that the last things to pop into your mind when thinking about Amish folks are DUI ‘s and public disturbances, which is why this is so fantastic.

In the town of North Bloomfield, Ohio, during the wee hours of the morning that are usually when people are stumbling out of clubs and bars back to their homes, deputies pulled over two men operating a vehicle while drinking.

Doesn ‘t sound too out of the ordinary, except the two men were Amish, they were riding a horse and buggy that had a case of beer on top, were also knocking back liquor,

and their buggy was decked out with a pretty insane speaker system.

Courtesy of WSPA

Upon being busted by the fuzz, the two men took off running into the trees while the horse continued pulling the buggy down the road, which honestly might be the best part of the whole story. The horse buggy is still in police custody and the horse (who hopefully was sober considering it was the one driving) has not revealed the identity of the two men to the deputies, because horses aren ‘t snitches.

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