By: Sloane Hughes

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Sweet Lord In Gaming Heaven, Mario Kart For Mobile Is Almost Here

One of the biggest criticisms against smart technology is how much time we all spend using it, particularly our phones. If you ‘ve heard it once you ‘ve heard it a thousand times: “People these days are too glued to their phones ‘. And that ‘s not incorrect, phones now are tiny supercomputers capable of fulfilling basically our every command, and we could all stand to take a break and, I dunno, read a book or something.

But now with THAT out of the way, allow me to give you another reason to stay glued to your screen.

Of all the many game franchises out there, Super Mario is probably the one most near and dear to everyone ‘s hearts. It has spanned generations, and one of the most popular offshoots is, of course, Mario Kart.

Mario Kart was first released in 1992 on SNES and since then it ‘s taken many forms across many different systems. Mario Kart Double Dash on Gamecube is obviously the best of them, and if you prefer Mario Kart with the actual steering wheel for Wii then, I ‘m sorry, but you ‘re a psychopath. Anyway, few of us have the luxury of time to actually sit at a TV screen and play video games these days, and portable gaming systems like Nintendo Switch aren ‘t exactly cheap.

But on September 25, Mario Kart is coming to the app store.

FINALLY, you ‘ll be able to burn rubber on Rainbow Road while sitting at your desk, like a responsible adult.

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