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The Mooer Report Is Here To Debunk The Lies About Milk

Like it or not, we live in an era of conspiracy theories. Everywhere you turn, there are made up stories and pure exaggerations. Thankfully, one man has dedicated his life to fighting for justice for milk. He ‘s quite possibly the most dedicated dairy lawyer that the world has ever seen. That man is Bobby Mooer. ‘

The Mooer Report is here. Bobby trudged through mountains of ruMOOers and conspiracy theories in order to determine what is true and what ‘s false when it comes to this delicious dairy beverage. For example, if you drink too much milk, will you start to moo incessantly? The answer is no. Or are cows just secret Russian spies who put cameras in your milk cartons so they can spy on you and your children? Of course not. ‘

Milk is simply a healthy and delicious beverage for all ages. ‘

Read The Mooer Report here:

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