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Ron Burgundy Learns All About Wine From A Sommelier

This episode has a little bit of a rocky start as Ron says today they ‘re going to talk about wine and how much fun it is to drink it, but the episode is really supposed to be about the wine industry, and Carolina wasn ‘t even aware that they had wine in the recording studio.

They didn ‘t actually have any on hand, Ron went out to the store and bought a bottle that he believes would pair exceptionally well with funfetti cake. And who better to discuss this with Ron than star sommelier Roni Ginach.

Roni is from New York and has been a sommelier for ten years, and for a lot of people selecting a wine and knowing all the etiquette around wine can be an intimidating or daunting task, but don ‘t worry ‘ Roni ‘s interview with Ron and Carolina is sure to give you some much needed comfort. ‘

There are a lot of questions around wine culture that we all wonder, but have probably googled instead of ever having the chance to ask a real life sommelier. Questions like, how do you walk into a wine store with $20 and walk out with a good bottle? Is it true that you should only drink white wine with chicken and fish and red wine with meat? What ‘s the correct way to drink wine? For instance, is the fact that Ron drinks wine by unhinging his jaw like a snake and dumping it into his throat okay? ‘

The more the wine flows (from Ron ‘s cup, because he ‘s the only one drinking) the more off-topic the questions get, like who would win in a fight between Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet? And there is a momentary existential breakdown when Ron thinks too hard about black holes, but don ‘t worry ‘ he ‘ll sleep it off. This is an episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast that not only teaches a lot about wine, but also why not to drink it during the work day.

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