By: Sloane Hughes

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Angry Chonk Of A Frenchie Denied Seconds, Throws Hilarious Tantrum

If you ‘ve ever had to go on a diet you can attest to how frustrating it can be. Eating is a habit, and just like trying to change any habit, changing up your diet is no easy task and at some point or another it ‘s sure to cause some grumblings and complaints. And humans aren ‘t the only ones who feel this way! If you think YOU have a hard time cutting back on the sweets or late night snacking, take a look at any pet who ‘s been put on a vet recommended diet and I ‘m sure you ‘ll feel at least a little bit better about yourself.

Like this French bulldog, named Cashew, who is definitely a bit of a chonkster, and whose human mom is trying to fix that.

The video starts with Cashew staring into his empty dish in clear disbelief that there is no more kibble, and after a few moments of pondering why the food is gone, he gives some primo doggy side eye and a few annoyed little grunts, as if to say, “hello, this is empty, please address this. ‘

His owner then has to break the tragic news that he had indeed finished his breakfast, and that ‘s all there is.

And Cashew quickly lets everyone know just how he feels about that.

Stay strong, Cashew.

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